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How to check the lubricating oil of the lamb slicer?

How to check the lubricating oil of the lamb slicer?


Under normal circumstances, we will add some lubricating oil when the lamb slicing machine is working to help the work proceed quickly. But we also need to check the use of lubricating oil, otherwise it will have the opposite effect. Next, I will introduce how to check the lubricating oil of the lamb slicer.

1. Cut off the power supply to prevent electric shock, and wait for the frozen meat slicer to cool down;

2. Open the oil drain plug and take an oil sample;

3. Check the viscosity index of the oil: If the oil is obviously turbid, it is recommended to replace it as soon as possible;

4. For frozen meat slicers with oil level plugs, we should check the oil level, and install the oil level plugs.

When we use the lamb slicing machine in the future, we must check its lubricating oil regularly. This is not only conducive to the normal use of the equipment, but also extends its service life. In this way, the company realizes revenue and reduction in disguised form. No matter how good the quality of the lamb slicing machine is. It also requires the care of your parents. Learn more about the common sense of the mutton slicer, give full play to the efficiency of the mutton slicer, and add to your wealth.

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