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How to choose a good lamb slicer

How to choose a good lamb slicer


With the increase in market demand, mutton slicing machines in the advantageous market of CNC mutton slicing machines are also flooding. Some meat slicing machines are unreasonable and flow into the market. This leads to some problems in the work process, because the price of the equipment is not Cheap, so today, the editor of Binzhou Youcheng Machinery will teach you how to identify the CNC lamb slicer?

A good CNC lamb slicing machine is also very perfect and user-friendly in every detail of the design. Daily operations can be carried out without damaging the machine, with high efficiency and good stability. In recent years, some CNC lamb slicers have appeared on the market. We call it the copycat version of CNC lamb cutting. In the chipping machine, in addition to the appearance of this kind of slicer, which is close to other details, the appearance can withstand the test, so we remind consumers that when buying a lamb slicer machine, you must look at the qualification of the other party. See the related patent, CHECH-CHA. RT is very cheap, buy the Shanzhai version, those unreasonable designs will make you crazy.

Irrational design mainly includes:

1. The inspection hole cover of the lamb slicer is too thin. Advantages of CNC mutton slicer After tightening the bolts, it is easy to deform, making the joint surface uneven and leaking oil from the contact gap.

There is no oil return groove on the valve body. The lubricating oil accumulates on the shaft seal, end cover and joint surface. Under the action of differential pressure, it leaks out of the gap.

(3) Too much oiling: During the operation of the CNC lamb slicer, the oil pool was very agitated. Engine oil splashed all over the machine. If the amount of oil is too large, a large amount of lubricating oil will accumulate on the shaft seal, joint surface, etc., causing leakage.

The design of the shaft seal structure is unreasonable. The early CNC lamb slicers mostly used oil groove and felt ring shaft seal structure. When assembling, the felt is compressed and deformed, and the gap on the joint surface is sealed.

Improper maintenance process: During equipment maintenance, improper cleaning of surface dirt, improper selection of sealants, reverse seals and timely replacement of seals will cause oil leakage.

In addition, there is a very important point, that is, if the CNC lamb slicer is not annealed or aged during the processing process, the internal stress will not be eliminated if the CNC lamb slicer has the advantage, and the deformation is inevitable, gaps are generated, and leakage is caused. Therefore, it is recommended that you purchase equipment from a regular manufacturer.

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