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How much does a commercial wholesale lamb slicer cost?

How much does a commercial wholesale lamb slicer cost?


How much is a commercial wholesale mutton slicer? The mutton roll frozen meat wholesale industry is favored by investors because of its low investment risk, fast money, and low entry barriers. As the number of people working in this industry continues to increase, it has attracted the attention of more and more friends. For investment friends, if you want to do business, opening a mutton roll wholesale processing factory is a rare gold investment project.

Faced with the deteriorating employment situation and the increasing cost of living in recent years, more and more people choose to invest in business today. And lucrative small and medium-sized investment projects such as meat wholesale stores are the focus of everyone’s investment and entrepreneurship. So how much is the mutton slicer used to open a frozen meat roll wholesale factory? Let’s understand this problem.

Does opening a frozen meat roll processing factory make money? In fact, opening a beef and mutton frozen meat processing wholesale factory is a good way for entrepreneurs to embark on their own path of success. The majority of investors are more in the business of beef and mutton rolls industry. It is the achievement of their lifelong dream of entrepreneurial development. Some beef and mutton wholesale manufacturers even set up their own distribution offices in major provinces and cities to make their beef and mutton rolls more powerful in the market. In fact, it is not difficult to use offline promotion and distribution. As long as the supply of mutton roll processing plants is sufficient, it is obvious that as long as the slice volume of mutton rolls is large enough, there is no problem at all if you look at the dealers in the exhibition line.

So how much is the mutton slicer used in commercial wholesale? From the current domestic mutton rolls and beef slab frozen meat roll processing manufacturers, if you invest in a small processing plant, you can use the new Honghui XHH-100 mutton slicer. , The output per hour is as high as about 100kg. If your mutton roll market is now open, it is completely to increase the output, then you can use the slightly larger frozen meat slicer XHH-200 that cuts 4 rolls at a time, as long as your supply Sufficient slice quality is good enough to earn 200,000 yuan a year. The profit of large-scale processing plants is as high as four or five million yuan, or even millions. Therefore, the use of mutton slicers to process frozen mutton rolls is a relatively lucrative investment project today. . Then let’s take a look at the product introduction and price of the above two models separately!

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