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What is a double motor lamb slicer

What is a double motor lamb slicer

The lamb slicing machine can cut beef and sheep heads into meat rolls. It is suitable for hot pot restaurants, supermarkets, etc. It not only improves the efficiency of meat cutting, but also cuts the meat into slices of even thickness. It is convenient to use, and now there is another one. This kind of dual-motor products, let’s take a brief look.

What is a dual-motor mutton slicer? As the name suggests, a dual-motor means that a slicer is equipped with two motors. Usually a slicer is divided into a single motor and a dual motor, which means that a single motor drives two motions through one motor. That is to say, both blade rotation and slice conveying are completed by a single motor.

The dual motors are driven by one motor to rotate the blade, one motor drives the meat tray to transport the slices, and the two motors operate separately, which can greatly improve the working power and efficiency of the slicing equipment.

The power of single-motor and double-motor mutton slicer in work is different, of course, there will be differences in price, cost performance, etc. Users only need to choose according to their actual needs, as long as they can meet the requirements, it is the ideal equipment .

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