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What should I do if the lamb slicer has a motor failure?

What should I do if the lamb slicer has a motor failure?

After the mutton slicer has been used for a long time, various minor problems will inevitably occur. Most of the problems are easily solved. The user only needs to follow the daily maintenance manual of the mutton slicer to maintain the mutton slicer frequently, just like yours Like a car, then the mutton slicing opportunities are getting easier and easier to use. Sometimes, even if people have just changed the belt of the mutton slicing machine, there is still a problem that the motor of the slicing machine does not rotate. ,Why is this? How should we solve it?

The motor mentioned above refers to the motor of the stand that carries the beef and mutton in the mutton slicer. If this part is really broken, it will have a great impact on the starting of the entire machine. This also appeared the phenomenon of buzzing sound above. At this time, our users should use manual methods to push the motor part, that is, the motor of the meat rack. Let it rotate normally. If it doesn’t work, then we have to try another method.

It is worth noting that some users do not know much about the lamb slicer, so when they face this kind of failure, they will replace the capacitor of the beef and mutton slicer to achieve the purpose of maintenance.

But in this way, the motor of the mutton slicer is only a protective function, and it fails to actually start. Therefore, we should take another method, which is to send it directly back to the manufacturer for repair. I believe that everyone has a preliminary judgment and understanding of the problem of the lamb slicer motor not rotating.

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