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Where is the body of good quality lamb slices now?

Where is the body of good quality lamb slices now?

1. The shaft and the hole are closely matched, the iron plate has high strength, wear resistance, high shock absorption performance, and the machine has low noise after long-term operation.

2. The main frame of the slicer is welded with grooves, and the welding seam is not easy to break and short during the operation of the machine. Stable during operation.

3. The main parts on the machine have been treated with aging, which has wear resistance, tensile resistance and impact resistance.

4. There are left and right uprights on the main tool rest of the two rolls of the machine, and the machine has good stability during operation.

5. The screw guide of the slicer is set accurately, which can stably push the meat roll, with a delicate appearance, and the lubricating oil does not fall on the propeller plate, which will not cause meat pollution.

6. The bearings on the machine are made of high-quality bearings.

7. In an oil-free environment, the gears will not run and wear for a long time.

Therefore, people will choose a high-quality mutton slicer. It can not only quickly increase the slicing speed, but also cut out shapely slices, and can be used for a long time without changing the machine, which effectively saves time and cost for the manufacturer.

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