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Constant temperature technology of mutton slicer

Constant temperature technology of mutton slicer

With the development of society, the development of lamb slicing machines is also quite rapid. Almost every household is using them. The initial lamb slicing street will be affected by temperature and the equipment is not easy to operate. Therefore, for consumers to have a better experience, new ones on the market The slicer has constant temperature technology.   1. The constant temperature technology system adopted by the mutton slicer adopts an artificial intelligence digital display temperature controller, which has the advantages of high precision, convenient operation, safety, simplicity and clarity.

2. There are two sets of four-digit LED numbers on the constant temperature control panel on the lamb slicer to display the user’s set temperature value and the actual plate temperature value, and can also modify the temperature accuracy according to their actual needs.

3. The hopper and the material tank on the lamb slicer are insulated by electric heating water circulation, and the hopper is equipped with a frame type mixing system, which is convenient to operate during cleaning.

When operating the mutton slicer, using constant temperature technology can better use it to achieve better work efficiency. At the same time, after using it, pay attention to cleaning and maintaining the equipment to make it last longer.

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