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Trial operation of lamb slicing machine empty car

Trial operation of lamb slicing machine empty car

When using the mutton slicer, you must first perform an empty test run to see if the machine can be used in normal production, or you can add lubricating oil for protection. What should be done during an empty test run?

1. Add lubricating oil: use the oil can provided with the machine to add lubricating oil on the sliding guide rail. Refueling position: Push the meat carrier to the left. Refueling of the gearbox. The oil is filled with a depth of 25-30 mm. The oil has been filled in the lamb slicer when it leaves the factory, and the oil shall be changed once a year according to the specified oil number. The electronic switch has a phase sequence protection function, (to ensure that the knife cannot be reversed) after the power is turned on, if the phase sequence is not correct, the fault light will stay on and the motor will not rotate. At this time, professionals should be asked to adjust the phase sequence. After the adjustment is completed, confirm that the direction of the knife is consistent with the direction arrow on the machine before the following operations can be performed.

2. Trial run with empty car: Before turning on the lamb slicer, observe whether there is any debris in the meat carrier and the meat carrier may collide with the meat carrier. If it is correct, turn on the start button of switch 2 to start the machine. Turn the knife first. The knife runs normally and there is no sound of friction.

The empty trial run of the lamb slicing machine is mainly to test the normal use of the machine, and to prepare for production, but also to make early judgments for timely repair and maintenance.

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