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The main components of the lamb slicer

The main components of the lamb slicer

The peak sales period of mutton slicer usually accompanies the annual hot pot season. In winter, hot pot has become a food that many people are looking forward to. What are its main components?

1. First of all, it mainly includes four main components. Some of the structures contained in these four components have tapered knives. Of course, this knives are used to cut the lamb, and the barrel used to hold the lamb is also one of the main components. The mutton slicer also includes a gear box and some gear transmission mechanisms. The joint cooperation of these different types of transmission devices can make the work of slicing lamb work coherently and efficiently.

2. When the mutton slicer is started, the internal umbrella-shaped transmission mechanism starts to start, and then it is automatically connected with the drive of the manual device. When the mutton that needs to be processed is poured in, the inner push plate will push the mutton to proceed. With the cutter device, start slicing. It is not easy to use a lamb slicing machine. It is not only necessary to master the method of use, but also has certain requirements on meat quality, such as meat temperature and processing methods. Therefore, the pre-treatment of mutton is very important and is related to production. Efficiency and meat quality.

It is necessary not only to understand the structure of the lamb slicer, but also to understand what its various structures play in the whole machine. In addition, the lamb must be processed before use.

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