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The solution to the oil leakage of the mutton slicer

The solution to the oil leakage of the mutton slicer

The mutton slicer is a kind of equipment that cuts mutton into slices. The operation of the equipment is inseparable from oil. In the process of use, if you do not pay attention to daily maintenance, it will inevitably cause oil leakage after a long time. How should this problem be solved?

1. Replace the sealing ring of the injection cylinder of the lamb slicer first.

2. Clean the pneumatic valve, and then replace the sealing gasket of the pneumatic valve.

3. If minor faults are found in the feeding tube, the feeding tube should be replaced.

4. Tighten the blanking nozzle, and at the same time, replace the sealing gasket of the blanking nozzle.

The blades of the mutton slicer have a unique arc-shaped design, which can make the mutton evenly distributed without causing damage to the mutton marinade, so that the tenderness and appearance of the mutton have been improved. At the same time, because of this setting, Oil spills frequently occur, so the after-sales service of the mutton slicer is very important and critical.

If the mutton slicer is leaking oil, replace some parts such as the seal ring, gasket and drop tube in time. In addition, the correct operation method, the usual cleaning and maintenance, and regular inspections and maintenance are also work that needs to be done. Effectively prevent oil leakage.

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