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How to choose a lamb slicer

How to choose a lamb slicer

Due to the rise of the food processing industry, the mutton slicer is widely used. There are various models and styles of mutton slicer equipment on the market. Customers will inevitably adjust their eyes when purchasing. I don’t know which mutton slicer is of quality. Good price is reasonable, here is the standard for simple selection of machinery

The lamb slicing machine we produce can automatically add or subtract on the microcomputer according to the required thickness. It can cut 100-300 kg of meat per hour. The workbench is made of food-specific organic plastic plates to ensure food safety and hygiene. The meat rolls do not need to be defrosted. , It can be operated directly on the machine, and can cut out a variety of roll shapes (thick rolls, thin rolls, long rolls), neatly formed, beautiful, and arranged in an arrangement, easy to package, high processing efficiency, safety, and labor saving. It is the preferred equipment for small hot pot restaurants and small beef and mutton wholesalers.

The transmission design of the slicer makes the cutting speed reach 43 times per minute and the efficient cutting speed; the mechanical transmission of the high-power dual-motor (no circuit board) ensures the life span; the thickness of the slice is balanced, the automatic rolling effect of the meat slice is good, and the machine runs The machine has low noise and good stability in operation; the original automatic sharpening structure makes the sharpening operation easy; the stainless steel body meets the requirements of food hygiene; the wooden box packaging can be assured of the safety of the machine’s transportation. Product features of the slicer: suitable for hot pot restaurants, restaurants, hotels and food processing plants, the meat cutting effect is uniform, the dual-axis design is adopted, and it is particularly stable and durable.

We have integrated the strengths of all slicers in the domestic and foreign markets, and successfully developed various types of mechanical slicers and CNC slicers, which are widely used in large and medium-sized meat processing plants, supermarkets, joint stores, hot pot restaurants, etc. Please refer to Hongxiangrui Machinery Processing Factory for the selection of mutton slicer.

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