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What to do with lamb before using the lamb slicer

What to do with lamb before using the lamb slicer

mutton slicer is a professional slicer for frozen mutton and frozen beef. It is often used to cut mutton to keep the meat fresh and tender. Before using the machine, the mutton needs to be processed accordingly, so as to better cut the tender and complete mutton. How to deal with lamb?

1. The lamb is chopped in half and then packaged and frozen. The mutton is divided, deboned, packaged, boxed and frozen. Divide, remove the bones and then put them into the freezer to freeze.

2. Reduce the temperature of the meat to below -18°C, and most of the moisture in the meat will form frozen crystals. This process is called freezing of the meat.

3. The temperature at which a stable nucleus is formed, or the low temperature that starts to rise is called the critical temperature or supercooling temperature. From the long-term production and use experience, as the moisture of the lamb freezes, the freezing point drops, and when the temperature reaches -5 to -10°C, about 80% to 90% of the moisture in the tissue has frozen into ice. This kind of mutton is a relatively fresh meat product, and the meat cut with a mutton slicer at this time is very good.

When using the lamb slicer to process lamb for the first time, the fat and lean meat can be divided, and then washed with water. The rinsing can reduce the mutton smell. Before using the machine, the processing of the lamb is very important.

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