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Introduction to the grounding method of the mutton slicer

Introduction to the grounding method of the mutton slicer

(1) Function of high-voltage grounding wire: The high-voltage grounding wire is used for line and substation construction, and is used to ensure safety in case of electrostatic induction shock or wrong closing of the adjacent charged body.

(2) High-voltage grounding wire structure: The portable high-voltage grounding wire consists of an insulating operating rod, a wire clip, a short-circuit wire, a grounding wire, a grounding terminal, a bus clip, and a grounding clip.

(3) High-voltage grounding wire production process: excellent production process – wire clips and grounding clips are made of high-quality aluminum alloy die-casting; the operating rod is made of epoxy resin color tube, which has good insulation performance, high strength, light weight, bright color and smooth appearance ; Grounding soft copper wire is made of multiple strands of high-quality soft copper wire, and is covered with a soft, high-temperature-resistant transparent insulating protective layer, which can prevent the wear of the grounding copper wire during use, and the copper wire meets the fatigue test requirements to ensure that Safety of workers in operation.

(4) Grounding wire specifications: According to ministerial regulations, the grounding wire must be made of bare copper flexible wire of 25mm 2 or more.

Ground wire is the abbreviation of grounding device. The ground wire is divided into working ground and safety ground. The protective grounding used to prevent electric shock accidents when people use electronic equipment such as home appliances and office is a kind of safety grounding wire. Safety grounding generally includes anti-lightning grounding and anti-electromagnetic radiation grounding.

The working grounding is to bury the metal conductor copper block in the soil, and then lead its point out of the ground with a wire, and then connect it to the screw of the mutton slicer shield, and use it to complete the loop to make the equipment meet the performance requirements of the grounding wire.

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