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Factors affecting the price of frozen meat slicers

Factors affecting the price of frozen meat slicers

With the changes in people’s lifestyles, frozen meat slicers are more and more widely used. It is also a meat processing equipment with high versatility and wide use in the meat production industry. Of course, what customers care about when buying is the price issue. The price positioning of the equipment produced by each manufacturer is different, but the factors that affect the price are generally different in classification and functional advantages.

is generally divided into: semi-automatic slicer and automatic slicer, its size classification:

1, 8 inch 8 inch includes 8 inch skill and can cut within 8 inch.

2, 10 inches of 10 inches include 10 inches of skills and can cut within 10 inches.

3, 12 inch 12 inch includes 12 inch skill and can cut within 12 inch.

Relying on the screw to push the raw meat in the hopper box to the pre-cutting plate, the orifice plate and the reamer are rotated by the rotation of the screw, so that the raw meat is cut into granular shapes to ensure the uniformity of the meat filling. Different meat fillings can achieve the ideal requirements through different combinations of orifice plates. The following are the advantages of the device:

1. The cutting process takes a short time and the temperature rise is low, which is good for keeping fresh and prolonging the shelf life.

2. It has the function of frozen meat and minced meat, which saves time, effort, freshness and quality.

3, good versatility, wide application range, high production efficiency; frozen meat cutting machine.

frozen meat slicer is suitable for hotels, restaurants, canteens, meat processing plants and other units. Food processing equipment such as mutton slicers and mutton slicers are also called mutton slicers. Their functional advantages are roughly the same, and the factors that affect prices are also different from factory to factory.

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