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Factors affecting the accuracy of mutton slicer

Factors affecting the accuracy of mutton slicer

The mutton rolls sold on the market are basically cut with a mutton slicer. This kind of mutton roll is easy to cook, tender, and has a regular shape. Because the machine has high precision, what are the factors that affect the accuracy of the slicer?

1. Due to the influence of certain factors, the lamb slicing machine may have a local vibration mode. Usually, it has no effect on the production and processing, and only produces relatively loud noise.

2. If there is a large amount of it, there may be a weak local stiffness. In fact, this is still related to the structure of the mutton slicer itself.

3. The local stiffness of the mutton slicer will affect the accuracy, so in actual operation, attention should be paid to the correct use of the equipment, and attention should be paid to regular maintenance and maintenance. However, the problems that can’t be solved require professional maintenance.

When designing a mutton slicer, a reasonable structural design will affect its accuracy, so its structural design must fully consider all aspects of factors to improve its accuracy and thus its efficiency.

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