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The standard for high-quality beef and mutton slicers

The standard for high-quality beef and mutton slicers

At present, there are many companies that produce beef and mutton slicers, and their levels are also uneven. The typical problem of inferior products is that they can’t be used. There are often problems in daily operations. So what kind of slicer is of high quality?

1. Almost no material left

The double screw is pushed steadily, and the common meat pushing equipment greatly reduces the cost;

2, higher stability

Beef and mutton slicer is smoothly driven and evenly pressed, which greatly reduces the wear and tear of the machine in successive work. It is more stable and the cut meat rolls are more beautiful and even;

3, easy to organize

The double screw adopts stainless steel pipe ring package planning, which avoids the problem of simple pollution of raw materials by screw grease; the use of no center seam planning for the feed table fundamentally solves the problem of the difficulty of straight-cutting machines and the contamination of the machine body by scraps;

4. High degree of initiative

The beef and mutton slicer uses the current stable imported PLC controller, driven by a servo motor, with low noise and strong stability. The pusher automatically resets when the feeding is completed, and all operations can be completed with one button.

5. There is no need to freeze one machine for multiple purposes

The minus eighteen degree meat rolls can be cut on the machine without freezing. The unique digital display allows the user to adjust the slice thickness at will. The accuracy can be adjusted. It can cut rolls, cut straight slices, shreds, and dice, etc. Multi-purpose machine.

6. Active smooth system

Beef and Mutton Slicer is equipped with an active smoothing system, which greatly prolongs the service life of the machine and reduces the failure rate of the machine due to improper maintenance.

7, can cut fat beef

The common plan makes the cutting height of the lamb slicer exceed 20cm and becomes a real slicer in the industry that can cut beef slabs. The cutting aspect has also been greatly improved, and the phenomenon of continuous cutting has been fundamentally avoided. .

A high-quality beef and mutton slicer should meet the above requirements. At the same time, during production, the slicer should also be produced according to this standard to ensure the quality of the machine and bring benefits to the food industry.

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