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How to ensure the efficiency of the frozen meat slicer

How to ensure the efficiency of the frozen meat slicer

In the current market, with the use of frozen meat slicers, the cost of the enterprise has been reduced and the benefits have been improved. We all hope to improve work efficiency when using frozen meat slicers. How can we ensure its work efficiency?

The frozen meat slicer can be different according to the size and type of the slicer. When sharpening the knife, you need to add dilute lubricating oil to ensure that it can be used normally after refueling. When using it, you must strictly pay attention to the quality of the slicer and some operations. Precautions.

First of all, the use of water is strictly controlled. Under the premise of the treatment of softened water, the water in the system and the water quality of the softening tank must be carefully checked. If it is determined to be qualified, it can be injected.

Secondly, for some new systems, it cannot be used alternately with the frozen meat slicer immediately. First, the new system needs to be operated for a specified period of time, so that it has an operating mode, and then the slicer can be connected to the slicer. Into the system for use.

The above is an introduction to the frozen meat slicer. Keep the pipe network clean. We must clean the pipe network before or after work. The purpose of this is to avoid blockage of the slicer.

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