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Operation skills of mutton roll slicer

Operation skills of mutton roll slicer

First, since the outer packaging of the CNC slicing machine is made of stainless steel, and special attention should be paid not to scrape its surface with sharp or hard objects in ordinary use;

Second, when preparing to clean the equipment, remove the upper and lower fixed screws at the same time to avoid affecting the other screw when removing the first screw;

Third, its cylinder has been lubricated from the beginning, so, under normal circumstances, it is not necessary to open the equipment or add any lubricating oil;

Fourth, clean up the remaining products in the CNC slicing machine, and finally fill the bucket with a gentle cleaning solution. At this time, we generally use warm water to clean up, of course, soapy water, alcohol or other cleaning solutions can also be used. .

When we use the equipment, we also need to provide a safe and hygienic production condition for the CNC slicer. When disassembling and cleaning the equipment, we need to pay attention not to damage the important parts of the machine.

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