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Common faults and solutions of mutton slicer

Common faults and solutions of mutton slicer

1 The mutton slicer is electrified: cut off the power immediately, check whether the grounding wire is in good contact, and seek maintenance personnel to deal with it;

2. The slices are not formed; if the mutton is too soft or thawed, the slices will not be formed; if the mutton is too frozen, it will easily be broken or broken. In addition, the blade will become dull if it is not sharpened for a long time, and the meat pressing plate may be inflexible. , which can be adjusted according to the situation;

3. If the loading tray does not move smoothly, adjust the top tightening screw below and add lubricating oil;

4. There is vibration or noise when working, check whether the machine is placed smoothly, and if necessary, add expansion screws to fix it on the desktop or other positions 5

5. If there is abnormal noise during work, check whether the blade has obstructive objects, minced meat, etc.; check whether the lubricating oil cup has been used up; check whether the screws and bolts of the machine are loose.

6. The mutton slicer does not work, check the line plug, check the fuse, still can’t find the problem, and the maintenance personnel will deal with it

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