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Product advantages of automatic mutton slicer

Product advantages of automatic mutton slicer:

1. High efficiency, 120 slices can be sliced per minute.

2. Double-guided propulsion system, which ensures the uniformity of slice propulsion.

3. Fully automatic operation, saving labor costs.

4. Good safety protection performance.

5. 304 stainless steel casing, overall seam welding.

6. The machine can cut thick rolls, thin rolls, long rolls, straight sheets and other types of rolls, and one machine can be used for multiple purposes.

7. This machine is the real machine in the straight cutting machine industry that can cut fat beef boards vertically.

8. The meat rolls at minus 18 degrees can be sliced on the machine without thawing. The meat slices are not broken and the shape is neat and beautiful.

9. All cutting parts are easy to clean and can be disassembled and installed without tools.

10. No need to sharpen the knife, the unique design saves the user the trouble of sharpening the knife, and greatly reduces the user’s cost of use.

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