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Lamb Slicer Handling and Transportation Precautions

Lamb Slicer Handling and Transportation Precautions

1. Transportation: In addition to the packaging method specified by the user, in the process of transporting the mutton slicer, the machine generally adopts simple packaging, and it should be handled with care to avoid collision.

2. After unpacking, the forklift can be used for fork transportation at the bottom of the main box in front of the mutton slicer, but the length of the fork feet is long enough to exceed the cross block of the machine.

3. In the process of moving the mutton slicer, you should always pay attention to whether the direction of the mutton slicer is accurate, and at the same time, always pay attention to the nearby environment to avoid collision.

4. After the production location of the equipment is selected, when the mutton slicer is parked on the ground, relevant staff should be nearby to support it, so as to prevent the equipment from rolling over due to the unevenness of the parking, which will bring inconvenience to the equipment. necessary damage.

5. After the mutton slicer is placed flat, it must be tested before the timing of power-on.

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