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Operation precautions of mutton slicer

Operation precautions of mutton slicer

1. Please keep the workplace clean and tidy at all times. Scattered places or workbenches are easy to cause accidents.

2. Please pay attention to the situation around the workplace, do not use it outdoors; do not use it in humid places; if you need to use it in extremely high or low temperature places, please contact the seller; the workplace should have sufficient lighting; Use where there are flammable liquids or gases.

3. Be careful of electric shock, the machine must be grounded.

4. Do not use insulated wires and power plugs roughly, do not pull the plug from the socket by pulling the insulated wires, and keep the insulated wires away from places with high temperature, oil or sharp objects.

5. Please turn off the machine switch and unplug the power plug from the power supply in the following situations: cleaning, inspection, repair, when not in use, replacement of tools, grinding wheels and other parts, and other foreseeable dangers.

6. Do not let children approach, non-operators should not approach the machine, and non-operators should not touch the machine.

7. Do not use overload. In order to ensure safe and efficient operation, please operate according to the machine function.

8. Do not use the mutton slicer for other purposes, and do not use it for other purposes other than those specified in the instruction manual.

9. Please wear neat work clothes, loose clothes or necklaces, etc., which are easy to be involved in moving parts, so please do not wear them. It is best to wear non-slip shoes when working. If you have long hair, please wear a hat or hair cover.

10. Do not take abnormal working postures. Always stand firm with your feet and keep your body balanced.

11. Please pay attention to the maintenance of the machine. In order to ensure safe and efficient operation, please maintain the knives frequently to keep them sharp. Please refuel and replace parts according to the instruction manual. Always keep the handle and handle clean.

12. Please be careful to avoid accidental startup. Before inserting the power plug into the power supply, please confirm whether the switch is turned off.

13. Be very careful when working, and must not be negligent. Before using the machine, carefully read the use and operation methods in the instruction manual, pay full attention to the conditions around the machine, work with caution, and do not work when fatigued.

Before use, please carefully check whether the protective cover and other parts are damaged, whether the operation is normal, whether it can play its due function, please check the position adjustment and installation status of the movable parts, and whether all other parts that affect the operation are abnormal. , please replace and repair the damaged protective cover and other parts according to the instructions in the instruction manual.

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