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How to use the mutton slicer correctly

How to use the mutton slicer correctly

Choose to put the frozen meat on the pushing plate, and pay attention to the gentle movement when placing it to prevent deformation of the supporting plate. Set the thickness of the mutton slices on the touch screen. After pressing the start button, the machine will automatically cut according to the set thickness. Cut into slices. After the mutton slicer is finished, the cutter will automatically pause, and the pushing plate will automatically retreat and pause, which has a high degree of automation and saves time and effort.

When we use it, we must keep our hands away from the slices to avoid danger. We should clean the machine after use. Since the whole machine is made of stainless steel, it is more convenient to clean. We should also pay more attention to the operation of the machine in daily life. If there is an exception, it should be shut down and processed before we use it.

The correct use of the mutton slicer can not only improve the efficiency of cutting mutton slices, but also prolong the use time of the machine. More attention should be paid to the maintenance of the equipment in daily life.

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