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Advantages of lamb slicer

Advantages of lamb slicer

Mutton slicer is a kind of meat processing equipment, some places call it mutton slicer, mutton slicer, beef slicer, frozen meat slicer, etc.; it can process mutton, beef and other boneless meat, and can also process Some elastic and not fragile fruits and vegetables can free people’s hands and improve better efficiency.

According to the power of the slicer, it can be divided into a manual mutton slicer for household use and a semi-automatic and fully automatic slicer driven by a motor; cutter.

In addition to the small manual slicers used at home, the mutton slicers are all semi-automatic or automatic slicers controlled by microcomputers. The labor intensity of the users is not high, and the slicing efficiency is high. Because the program controls the work of the cutter, the thickness of the slices Consistent, self-rolling, beautiful appearance, with beautiful plate and tender green leaves, very attractive.

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