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How does a lamb slicer affect frozen meat

How does a lamb slicer affect frozen meat

The high-quality mutton slicer has a unique arc-shaped paddle design, which makes the frozen meat cut evenly, does not cause damage to the frozen meat, and improves the tenderness and appearance of the product. In addition, a high-quality lamb slicer not only ensures the integrity of the frozen meat, but also has an impact on the frozen meat.

1. It can increase water retention and improve yield.

2. Enhance the binding force of frozen meat and improve the elasticity of frozen meat.

3. Improve the softness and structural stability of the product.

4. Ensure the sliceability of frozen meat products and prevent cracks when slicing.

Not only that, the waterproof computer controls the user to set the automatic forward rotation, intermittent, deflation and vacuuming of the mutton slicer, so that the equipment can truly realize the automatic breathing function and the operation noise is small.

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