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The sharpening steps of the lamb slicer blade:

The sharpening steps of the lamb slicer blade:

1. Put the blade on a rough surface test table so that it will not run during the grinding process.

2. Add an appropriate amount of thin lubricating oil or liquid paraffin on the grinding stone surface and spread it evenly to increase the friction density.

3. Install the knife handle and knife holder on the slicing knife so that the blade is forward and flat on the grinding stone surface.

During the entire sharpening process, the staff’s hands should be kept in place, and the force should be even and easy to slide. Usually, the right hand grasps the handle of the blade of the mutton slicer, the left hand grasps the knife shell, the blade faces the front of the sharpener, and the slicing knife is pushed forward obliquely from the lower right corner of the grindstone to the upper left corner of the grindstone To the heel, turn the blade over from above.

Also pay attention to the flatness of the lamb slicer blade. In the actual slicing process, the middle part of the blade is used more and is seriously worn out. Therefore, when sharpening the knife, pay attention to the balance of the mutton slicer, so as to avoid the crescent shape of the knife edge after a long period of use, which will affect the quality of the slice. In the process of sharpening the knife, pay moderate attention. Note that in the process of repeated sharpening, the gap of the mutton slicer blade should be ground off.

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