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Lamb slicer sharpening steps

Lamb slicer sharpening steps

1. Put the sharpening knife on a rough surface on the test bench so that it will not move when grinding.

2. Drop a small amount of dilute lubricating oil or liquid paraffin into the center of the grinding stone and spread it evenly to increase the friction density.

3. Install the handle and knife clip of the mutton slicer on the slicing knife so that the blade is forward and flat on the surface of the grinding stone, and the heel of the knife is roughly in the center of the grinding stone.

4. When grinding, the fingers should be kept in the correct position so that the force is even and easy to slide. Hold the handle of the knife with the right hand and the shell of the knife with the left hand. Push the end of the lower corner knife towards the upper left corner of the whetstone to the heel of the knife obliquely, and turn the blade over from above; when turning over, the knife clip cannot leave the stone, and the blade is facing the sharpener at this time. Move the knife laterally so that the edge of the heel is centered on the front end of the whetstone, then pull back at an angle. At this time, the blade is turned over from above and the knife is moved laterally so that the slicing knife is in the original position on the grinding surface. In this way, there are eight actions every time it is completed, and the slicing knife should be in full contact with the whetstone, and it is repeated. When grinding, the left and right hands should evenly press the entire blade, avoid tilting, and prevent greasy fingers from slipping away from the blade.

5. The above-mentioned process continues until the gap is ground away. For the more damaged slicing knife, two types of grindstones, thick and thin, must be used. Grind the large gap on the coarse grindstone, and then sharpen it on the fine grindstone. The forward-pushing sharpening method has faster friction and higher efficiency. It only takes about 20 minutes to sharpen a dull slicing knife. Then you can prepare the knife.

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