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Lamb slicer equipment safe operation process use

Lamb slicer equipment safe operation process use

1. Adjust the thickness of the meat to be cut, put the frozen meat without bones on the bracket and press the pressure plate well.

2. The cutting temperature of frozen meat is preferably between -4 and -8°C.

3. After turning on the power, first start the cutter head, and then start the left and right swing. Keep your hands away from the blade during work.

4. When cutting difficulties are found, stop the machine to check the cutting edge of the mutton slicer, and use a sharpener to sharpen the blade.

5. After shutting down, unplug the power plug and hang it on the fixed position of the equipment.

6. Lubricating oil should be added to the swing guide rod every week, and the blade should be sharpened with a knife sharpener.

7. It is strictly forbidden to wash the machine directly with water, and the mutton slicer must be reliably grounded.

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