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Flat cut single roll beef and mutton slicer

Flat cut single roll beef and mutton slicer

Flat-cut single-roll beef and mutton slicers generally use a dual-motor method. The cutting and pushing operations are driven by independent motors that are independent of a single motor. The advantage of the electric motor is that it can realize fully automatic slicing operation without the need for manual meat pushing step. And the motor is made of stainless steel, while many other brands use plastic materials, the advantages are obvious.

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Flat cut single roll beef and mutton slicer applicable places:

Lamb slicing machine is widely used. It can cut lamb rolls, steaks, bacon, steaks, braised pork, etc., and can also cut into thin slices, rolls, long tubes, thick sections, blocks, etc. It is powerful and can basically meet all the needs of catering .

How to use the flat-cut single-roll beef and mutton slicer:

1. Place the machine on a level work site to ensure that the four feet under the machine are stable, reliable, and do not shake. Check the cutting board for sundries. If there are any sundries, clean them up to avoid damage to the knife. Check and refuel all parts.

2. To ensure safety, it must be grounded reliably, and a leakage protector must be installed on the power connector.

3. When the machine is working, it is strictly forbidden to reach into the machine, and do not press the switch with wet hands during the processing.

4. Before cleaning and disassembling, first disconnect the power supply to stop the machine.


Product advantages of flat cut single roll beef and mutton slicer:

12. High efficiency, 120 slices per minute can be sliced.

13. Double-guided propulsion system, which ensures the uniform advancement of slices.

14. Fully automatic operation, saving labor cost.

15. Good safety protection performance.

16. The stainless steel casing is seam welded as a whole.

17. This machine can cut out various types of rolls, such as coarse rolls, thin rolls, long rolls, straight sheets, etc., with one machine for multiple purposes.

18. This machine is a machine that can cut fat beef slabs upright in the straight cutting machine industry.

19. The minus 18 degrees meat rolls can be sliced ​​on the machine without thawing, the meat slices are not broken and the shape is neat and beautiful.

20. All cutting parts are easy to clean, and can be disassembled and installed without tools.

10 No need to sharpen the knife, the unique design saves the user the trouble of sharpening the knife, and greatly reduces the user’s use cost.