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electric fries cutting machine

electric fries cutting machine

The electric fries cutting machine is used for the processing of hard and soft roots, stems, leafy vegetables and kelp. It can cut into slices, pieces, silks, cubes, diamonds, and curves.

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Electric fries cutting machine use:

Cut potato, sweet potato and other bulb materials into strips or slices, suitable for fast food stores, manufacturers or food processing plants.

Features of electric fries cutting machine:

1. The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel, which is durable in supervision.

2. It can cut various root and stem fruits and vegetables such as potatoes, taro, etc. into strips and slices.

3. It can cut 6-20mm strips and slices.

4. Process 600-800kg of ingredients per hour.

5. After cutting, the surface of the finished product is smooth and does not damage the organization. It is suitable for further steaming, boiling and frying of raw materials.

Model parameters of electric fries cutting machine:

Machine size 680×1050× 900   mm
Cutting size 6-20mm (Not adjustable, need to change tool)
weight 115kg
output 600-800kg/H
voltage 380V 3Phase
power 1.5kw

Electric fries cutting machine product details:

1. High-quality cutter: excellent cutting effect, good shape, beautiful and smooth.

2. Large feed inlet: input of whole food material, high efficiency and high output.

3. Easy to disassemble structure: Quickly change the knife set and make cleaning more convenient.