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What are the advantages of the lamb slicer?

What are the advantages of the lamb slicer?

1. No need to sharpen the knife, the unique design of the mutton slicer saves the user the trouble of sharpening the knife, and reduces the user’s cost.

2. The mutton slicer can slice the meat rolls at minus 18 degrees without thawing. The meat slices are not broken and the shape is neat and beautiful.

3. The mutton slicer can cut out various roll types such as coarse rolls, thin rolls, long rolls, straight slices, etc., with one machine for multiple purposes.

4. The lamb slicer is equipped with an automatic lubrication system, which greatly extends the service life of the machine and reduces the failure rate of the machine due to improper maintenance.

5. The lamb slicing machine has also been greatly improved in cutting, which fundamentally avoids the phenomenon of even knives.

6. The lamb slicing machine adopts the lower double-guided advancing system, which not only ensures the uniform advancement of the slicing, but also ensures the sanitation of the workbench.

7. The cut-out meat rolls are transported neatly by a special conveyor belt for food, which is safer and more convenient for packaging.

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