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The difference between different types of lamb slicers

The difference between different types of lamb slicers

Lamb slicers are widely used. In recent years, they have been used more frequently. According to the needs of users, there are many types of mutton slicers. What is the difference between different slicers?

1. Numerically controlled 2-roll lamb slicing machine: It can cut 2 lambs at a time. It is controlled by Siemens PLC and driven by a stepping motor. It solves the problem of high failure rate of mechanical slicing machines. It develops disposable knives and solves some customers’ difficulties in sharpening knives. problem.

2. Multi-function 3-roll slicer: A new type of slicer developed by combining the strengths of the vertical knife slicer and the round knife slicer, which can cut meat rolls of different heights and widths at the same time.

3. CNC 4-roll lamb slicing machine: It can cut 4 lamb at one time, 100-200 kg meat per hour, and the workbench is made of food-specific organic plastic board to ensure food safety and hygiene. The meat rolls do not need to be defrosted. Operate directly on the machine, and can cut out a variety of roll shapes.

4. Numerically controlled 8-roll slicer: it can cut 8 rolls of mutton at a time, double-guided propeller, automatic advance and retreat, the height of the knife is 20 cm, it can cut beef slabs upright, adjust the thickness without stopping, and can be adjusted according to the required thickness. CNC switch automatically adds and subtracts.

Mutton slicing machine has different specifications and types, and the shape, quantity, and speed of the cut meat slices are also different. We can choose according to the purpose and use environment.

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