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How to replace the blade of the frozen meat slicer

How to replace the blade of the frozen meat slicer

The frozen meat slicer still has to rely on the blade to cut frozen meat. The blade is sharp, and it is easy to scratch if accidentally. It not only requires skill to replace the blade, but also pay attention to its sharp crossing. How to replace its blade?

1. The frozen meat slicer is a machine that cuts thin and uniform tissue slices. The tissue is supported by hard paraffin or other materials. The slice thickness gauge is used to automatically advance each time it is cut. The thickness of the thickness gauge is usually 1 Micrometers. When cutting the paraffin-embedded tissue, because it adheres to the wax edge of the previous slice, multiple slices are made into slice strips.

2. The cutter head is driven by a transmission. The feeding roller is driven by the cutter head through a set of changing gears. The knife plate of the stainless steel slicer is equipped with multiple blades according to the cutting size. The cutting length can be changed by changing the changing gear. Adjusting the transmission can change the speed of the belt.

3. Adjustment: When adjusting, first loosen and tighten the copper column nut, and then turn the nut and the copper column to adjust the thickness direction. After the thickness is adjusted, the nut and the copper column must be tightened. If the knife plate is parallel to the blade of the frozen meat slicer, do not turn it on. The cutter head must be lower than the blade before it can be turned on and cut. Adjust the thickness to about 3 mm, and the thinner to adjust.

4. Replacing the blade: Insert the hex handle into the hole on the side of the machine. Rotate the wheel to change the direction and then change the knife. When changing the knife, loosen the two hexagonal screws of the blade and insert the blade to replace it.

5. The slices are cylindrical or rectangular. Frozen meat slicers currently mostly use underwater pelletizers. Its advantage is that it can avoid the melt or the slices from contacting oxygen in the air, make the slices smooth, and eliminate the powder caused in granulation.

Changing the blade without damaging the frozen meat slicer will improve the efficiency of meat cutting. Pay attention to adjusting the angle of the blade and fixing it. The blade is mainly used to realize the meat cutting function of the machine. Pay more attention to the maintenance of the blade.

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