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How to disassemble the frozen meat slicer

How to disassemble the frozen meat slicer

In order to make the frozen meat slicer use better, we will clean the slicer after use. During the cleaning process, the equipment needs to be simply disassembled. After disassembling the equipment, many people will After assembly, the equipment is not as effective as before. It may be caused by improper operation during disassembly. This requires us to learn how to disassemble the frozen meat slicer.

After using the frozen meat slicer for a period of time, it is often necessary to clean it, first cut off the power supply, and disassemble the equipment. The disassembly method is very important, and its disassembly should be carried out according to the following steps:

1. Disassemble the loading tray first to prevent the debris in the loading tray from falling into the inside of the machine. The main disassembly tool of the frozen meat slicer is a disassembly wrench.

2. When disassembling the frozen meat slicer, disassemble it in a clockwise direction, and disassemble it in the order of installation. First remove the nut on the front of the machine, then remove the meat plate and the meat grinder, remove the pushing screw, and then remove the T-shaped meat grinder tube.

3. The disassembly in accordance with the installation sequence is to ensure the correct installation of the machine after cleaning, and to avoid the normal use of the frozen meat slicer due to incorrect installation of parts.

When disassembling the frozen meat slicer, follow the steps described above. After cleaning, wait for the equipment to dry naturally, and install it according to the disassembly steps. At the same time, check the equipment in time to see if there is any abnormality during use, and regularly check the equipment Add lubricating oil.

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