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sheep meat stringing machine

Lamb stringing machine

The main body of the stringing machine is made of stainless steel and food-grade PP material, which meets the requirements of international food hygiene; the automatic and inductive labeling system is always accurate and stable, and the pneumatic transmission and electric transmission are combined, the layout is accurate and reasonable, maintenance-free, and service life Long; desktop control, easy to move, small footprint, can change the mold at will, to meet the needs of different products; mobile high-end meat skewers mold plate, easy to clean.

This product is easy to operate and can wear various specifications of meat skewers, meat tendons, chicken skin, squid, chicken hearts, chicken jade, etc.; using this machine to skewer fast, no rubbing, sanitary and clean, and good taste; the length of the meat skewers is as required The range can be adjusted arbitrarily, and users can add fat and oil to any position of the meat skewers according to their preferences. It is suitable for all kinds of bamboo skewers, steel skewers, and iron skewers. The meat skewers produced by this machine are beautiful in appearance and fresh in color. This product has been widely used in meat skewers production enterprises and personal barbecue shops.

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