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What to pay attention to when choosing a lamb slicer

What to pay attention to when choosing a lamb slicer

1. Look at the quality of the blade, the quality of the blade determines the service life and slicing speed of the entire slicer. There are two types of blades: imported and domestic. Imported blades are better in quality than domestic blades, but the price is more expensive. It depends on the economic strength when purchasing. Comprehensive cost-effectiveness, it is more cost-effective to choose an imported lamb slicer. It has a long service life and will not malfunction.

2. Look at the number of compressors. The mutton slicer has a single motor and a double motor. The double motor is driven by one motor for cutting and pushing the meat. The single motor is one motor to drive two tasks, and the power is greater than the dual motor. The motor of a good lamb slicer is made of stainless steel, and the bad one may be made of plastic.

3. Looking at the blade operation mode, most of them use the structural element to rotate the single blade, and the circular saw will automatically slide down. Some high-quality slicers use the chain to drive the blade to rotate, and the turbine worm to drive the output. , The design is more humane.

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