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How to reconnect the wire of the frozen meat slicer

How to reconnect the wire of the frozen meat slicer

The slicing machine is a kind of chemical equipment, which is very important in work and production. The drive slicing machine runs the motor, and the motor cannot be separated from the wire. Therefore, it is very important that the connection of the slicing machine wire is very important. If there is a disconnection, it should be dealt with in time.

Normally, the two capacitors in the motor of the slicer are related to each other, then the red and white connections of the motor and the switch wire are related to each other, and the motor wire is red and white, and then the switch is replaced, and the rest of the motor is yellow. The wires are connected to 25 capacitor wires and the black wires are connected to 150 capacitor wires.

But if you want to reverse the blade of the slicer, you can adjust it as long as the two red lines are interchanged, but it is important to note that the line is inevitable when it should be connected to the direction of motion of the slicer, which is well maintained . When the wires are connected, we first cut off the power of the slicer to prevent the risk of electric shock.

When the slicer is used for a long time, some faults, such as disconnection, should be dealt with in time, so that the normal use of the slicer will not be affected. If the slicer is broken, first cut the loose wire at the slicer, and then install two 10 cm steel heads from the guide wheel. Then use coarse sandpaper to change the diameter of the two ends of the steel wire to 1/2-2/3 of the original steel wire. The length of the steel wire exceeds 5 cm, and the sand grains on the surface of the steel wire in the fine sandpaper are smooth. The two steel wire heads are cleaned with alcohol. Then use an electric soldering iron, solder wire and solder paste to weld the two sands of the 5 cm steel wire head together.

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