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How to choose automatic stringing machine manufacturers?

The automatic stringing machine adopts microcomputer technology to control the magnetic sensor to make the perfect combination of gas and electricity to realize automatic marking and automatic stringing. The host is made of stainless steel, food-grade PE material, which meets the international food hygiene requirements; tabletop control, roller type, easy to move, small footprint; stable operation; reasonable design, maintenance-free, and long service life; mobile PE meat skewers template, convenient Cleaning; the mold can be replaced at will to meet the needs of different products.

Automatic stringing machine function:

Can wear beef, lamb, chicken skewers, chicken skewers, chicken skewers, squid skewers, tofu, kelp knots and other skewers; the string is uniform in size, clean and hygienic, without rubbing, and has a good taste; users can make kebabs according to their own preferences Add grease to any position; the length of the skewers can be adjusted arbitrarily within the required range; it can be easily knocked, shaken, free from cheating and dropping. It is an ideal choice for meat skewers manufacturers and individual users.

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The above content introduces the functions and other items of the automatic stringer. You must have an understanding of the automatic stringer. In addition to the above content, the choice of the manufacturer of the automatic stringing machine also depends on the price of the equipment, the manufacturer’s after-sales service, advantages, etc. You can choose the automatic stringing machine according to your needs.