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Solution to the fever of frozen meat slicer

Solution to the fever of frozen meat slicer

After is connected to the power, the frozen meat slicer can cut frozen meat normally, because it needs to cut out a large number of frozen meat rolls, so it needs a long time to use. During the use, if the machine is found to be hot, how to solve it?

1. During the operation of the frozen meat slicer, the motor is also running at the same time. The motor will generate heat during the operation, which is a normal phenomenon.

2. Observe carefully. If it gets too hot, stop turning immediately to see if the current power is not enough, and adjust the power to the frozen meat slicer.

3. Check whether the motor is burned out. If the motor is burned out, replace the motor in time.

When using a frozen meat slicer to cut meat rolls, always pay attention to whether the surface of the machine is hot. Once it is hot, you can slow down or suspend the operation, maintain ventilation, and emit some heat.

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