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Advantages of automatic sheep meat stringing machine

Advantages of automatic sheep meat stringing machine

The main machine of our factory is made of stainless steel, food-grade PP material, in line with international food hygiene requirements, and has the following characteristics:

1. Desktop control, easy to move, small footprint;

2. The automatic and sensory tagging system is always accurate and stable, and the work is stable;

3. Combination of pneumatic transmission and electric transmission, precise and reasonable layout, maintenance-free and long service life;

4. Movable PE meat skewers mold plate, easy to clean;

5. The mold can be changed at will to meet the needs of different products;

6. This product is easy to operate, and can be worn with various specifications of meat skewers, meat tendons, chicken skin, squid, chicken hearts, chicken meat, etc.;

7. The machine is used for fast stringing speed, no rubbing, sanitary and clean, and good taste;

8. The user can add fat and oil at any position of the meat skewers according to their preferences;

9. The length of the skewers can be adjusted arbitrarily within the required range;

10. It is suitable for rolling and kneading meat of various specifications and skewers of fresh meat of various specifications;

11. Suitable for all kinds of bamboo sticks (including iron sticks: the size of the sticks can be customized) and steel sticks;

  1. Iron skewers, the meat skewers produced by this machine are beautiful in appearance and fresh in color.

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