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Five taboos for the use of frozen meat slicers

Five taboos for the use of frozen meat slicers

It is reported that the frozen meat slicer uses sharp blades to control the thickness of the frozen mutton according to the parameters designed by the machine. Its blades are sharp. Therefore, in addition to being careful when using it, you should also pay attention to five taboos to avoid occurrences. Improper use, resulting in reduced efficiency.

1. It is strictly forbidden to talk with others at work to avoid accidents.

2. The frozen meat slicer must take slices during use, and it is strictly forbidden for non-staff to take slices.

3. It is forbidden to connect and pull the wires of the lamb slicer randomly, and the switch socket must be on the wall. When cleaning the equipment or cleaning, prevent water from splashing on the power supply.

4. When the frozen meat slicer is working, if an emergency occurs, the emergency brake switch should be turned off immediately.

5. Non-workers are prohibited from entering the work area without authorization.

The above mentioned taboos should be avoided during the use of frozen meat slicers. This will not only better protect the machine, but also ensure safe use and improve the efficiency of meat slices.

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