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Advantages of CNC lamb slicer

Advantages of CNC lamb slicer

1. The product can be cut on the machine without thawing, which reduces the waiting time.

2. The CNC lamb slicer has a high degree of automation and simple operation. All functions adopt point switches, which is easy and fast.

3. The operation is safe. The CNC lamb slicer can be equipped with a conveyor belt, and the cut meat rolls are automatically output through the food conveyor belt. The operator does not need to grab the meat slices at the front end of the cutting knife. The front end of the cutter is also equipped with a safety protection door. When the protection door is opened, the cutter will automatically power off and stop running. When the safety protection door is not closed, the cutter cannot operate. Double safety protection ensures the safety of operators.

4. The slicing speed is fast, the production efficiency is high, and the sliced meat rolls are uniform in thickness and neatly arranged.

5. Small size, light weight and easy to move. The slicing machine and the conveyor belt are separated, occupying a small area, the length of the conveyor belt can be adjusted at will, and the maintenance is convenient.

Numerical control lamb slicing machine has very few manual operations, and most of them are automated, which not only ensures safety and saves a lot of time, but also cuts out layers of thin mutton rolls more accurately.

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