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Advantages of sheep meat stringing machine

Advantages of sheep meat stringing machine

The sheep meat stringing machine is simple and convenient to operate. It can be easily operated by men, women, children and children without any effort. Just connect the air source and power supply, and then start stringing work. There are several major advantages:

1. The main body is made of stainless steel, which does not rust, and the bottom plate is made of international food-grade composite PP board.

2. The machine has scientific structure, simple operation, strong reliability, fast threading effect, easy and labor-saving.

3. Users can add fat oil to any position of the meat skewers according to their preferences. The length of the meat skewers can be adjusted arbitrarily within the required range. It is suitable for bamboo sticks of various lengths, round steel sticks, and meat skewers are neat, beautiful and consistent in size.

4. This product has good stringing effect, fast speed, strong durability, economical benefits, safety and reliability, and can effectively solve the problems of low production efficiency, high labor intensity, difficulty in hiring people, and high wages. Preferred by individual users.

5. The threading machine produced by our factory can thread 2000-2800 threads per hour, fast manual threading is 200 threads per hour, and one machine can reach 10 workers. According to the salary of 100 yuan/day per labor, the machine can save about 1,000 yuan a day.

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