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What is the replacement cycle of the bearing lubricating oil of the automatic meat skewer?

What is the replacement cycle of the bearing lubricating oil of the automatic meat skewer?

The automatic meat skewering machine adopts advanced digital control technology, which combines sensors and air pump control to complete a series of automatic meat skewering and meat skewering processes. The host adopts stainless steel and mobile composite plastic template, which meets the requirements of national food safety and hygiene standards. The automatic meat skewer abandons the ordinary bearings of the traditional threader. The new type of threading machine uses specially structured bearings. Although the cost is relatively increased, the function and safety of the machinery and equipment are improved, the noise is reduced, and the service life is prolonged.

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Automatic meat skewer bearing smooth grease to make up the interval time

The aging and pollution caused by the action of the automatic meat skewer will intensify, and the smooth base filled in the active stringer bearing equipment will gradually lose its smooth function. Therefore, it is necessary to continuously compensate and update the smoothness level. The shape, size and speed of the automatic threading machine bearing are different, and the compensation interval of the lubricating oil is also different.

When the bearing temperature of the automatic meat skewer exceeds 70°C, the grease replenishing interval is cut by half every 15 minutes, and the temperature of the automatic stringer bearing increases. The bearings of the double-sided enclosed active longitudinal beams are filled with grease HRB “HRB” standard grease is used in these products. The functions such as the total operating temperature range are suitable for specific occasions, and the filling amount of the grease is also consistent with that of the active longitudinal beam. The size of the bearing corresponds. The service life of the lubricating grease usually exceeds the service life of the bearing. Except for special occasions, there is no need to increase the lubricating grease.

Automatic meat skewer bearing lubricating oil replacement cycle

Due to the different operating conditions and oil volume, in the case of good environment, less dust, and the operating temperature of the automatic thread bearing is lower than 50 °C, replace the lubricating oil °C once a year. When the oil temperature reaches 100 °C, it should be replaced every three months or Replace in less time.