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Advantages of household small mutton slicer

Advantages of household small mutton slicer

With the improvement of people’s living standards, people like to eat hot pot at home, which is warm and cheap. However, people do not like to cut meat by hand, which is laborious and troublesome. The emergence of a small household mutton slicer satisfies you, which is convenient and labor-saving.

1. Various types of slicing, slicing and wrapping meat in one machine

The meat roll does not need to be thawed, it can be directly operated on the machine, and can be cut into a variety of roll shapes, which solves the problems of mechanical slicing and high failure rate, and realizes full automation in a true sense. The user does not have to worry about the thickness of the slices. The thread thickness of the slicer is adjusted, and the thickness of the sliced ​​meat is automatically fixed. , make the meat column stronger, the blade adopts stainless steel hardened blade, which is sharp, durable, safe and reliable;

2. It is convenient to sharpen the knife, the slicing efficiency is 100% pure copper movement, the motor adopts pure copper coil, and the pure copper coil is resistant to high temperature; it adopts imported blade and belt and has a unique automatic lubrication device, which has powerful power and thinner sheet; for convenience Slicer blade sharpening use, built-in automatic sharpening device, sharpening the knife when you want to sharpen the knife, turbine worm rotation device, effectively prolonging the service life of the machine, in order to avoid the problem of machine maintenance during the use of the business, household small mutton slices The body is small in size, easy to operate, and basically does not require maintenance in daily use, and merchants can use it with confidence.

Third, customer-oriented, courteous service

In order to help consumers choose a satisfactory model, our company staff said that they can provide consulting services at any time. In the process of purchasing, they can consult customer service about product performance, operation and use specifications, etc., which can help customers choose satisfactory The products are the goal of Yuanyu staff’s efforts.

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