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The operation process of beef and mutton slicer

The operation process of beef and mutton slicer

The performance of beef and mutton slicer is relatively stable, and the cutting speed of beef and mutton slices is faster. The machine runs faster. If the operation is not standardized, it is prone to failure. What are its operating procedures?

1. Insert a round pin into the retaining ring hole at the right end of the spindle to prevent the spindle from rotating, and then screw the ring knife onto the left spindle. Two single-edged round knives are installed on the right end of the main shaft, and a fixed washer is installed between the two blades to tighten the nut.

2. Adjust the limit screw behind the feed carriage at the left end to make the feed stroke exceed the ring knife edge to ensure that the sample rubber is cut through.

3. Start the beef and mutton slicer and turn on the coolant knob at the left end of the water tank.

4. Stick the sample material vertically and flatly on the platform.

5. Push the handle to feed the feed carriage and spin the cylinder.

6.Return to the feeding carriage, and the movable connecting rod will drive the ejector rod to eject the cylindrical sample from the ring knife.

7. After cutting several test pieces, adjust the limit screw behind the right end feed carriage to make the two single-edged round blades evenly touch the sample holder. Lift the upper mold of the sample holder on the right side, insert the cylindrical test piece into the holder hole of the beef and mutton slicer, close the upper mold, turn on the coolant knob, and push the handle.

8. There are two types of connecting fulcrums between the ejector rod and the pull rod. The front and back sides can be used arbitrarily according to the needs of the operator.

The operation process of beef and mutton slicer is a step to be understood before using the machine to cut beef and mutton slices. To protect the machine and allow it to be used efficiently for a long time, it is also necessary to be familiar with its operation process.

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