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Beef and mutton slicer’s requirements for meat quality

Beef and mutton slicer’s requirements for meat quality

With the development of society, people’s living standards continue to improve, and our requirements for material quality are getting higher and higher. For example, beef and mutton slicers want to cut better meat slices, and there are certain requirements for meat quality. Please see below. Detailed explanation:

1. Before using the beef and mutton slicer to cut beef and mutton, the beef and mutton need to be processed: the carcass is directly packaged and frozen after being split in half; the carcass is divided, deboned, packaged, and frozen after being packed; the carcass is divided, deboned and then frozen The disk freezes.

2. Reduce the temperature of the meat to below -18°C, and most of the water in the meat will form ice crystals;

3. The temperature at which stable nuclei are formed, or the lower temperature at which it starts to rise, is called the critical temperature or supercooling temperature.

Beef and mutton slicer needs regular maintenance and maintenance work, and its blades should also be replaced regularly, so as to ensure that better meat quality can cut better meat slices, and the longer the equipment can be used.

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