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The reason why the CNC frozen meat slicer does not sharpen the knife

The reason why the CNC frozen meat slicer does not sharpen the knife

The main feature of frozen meat slicer does not need to sharpen the knife. This is a historical breakthrough in the direct-cut mutton slicer industry. If you choose a lamb slicer, you don’t need to sharpen the knife (the user can choose to install it). The imitation of patented products must be investigated.

Infrared protection devices have been introduced in the country to ensure the safety of the operators and fundamentally eliminate the danger of the direct-cut lamb slicer. efficient. The knife speed of the mutton slicer is the leading one in the industry. One machine with multiple functions, the mutton slicer can cut out a variety of roll types such as coarse rolls, thin rolls, long rolls, straight slices, etc. No need to thaw. The sheep slicing machine can slice meat rolls at minus 18 degrees without thawing. The meat slices are not broken and the shape is neat and beautiful. Automatic lubrication system. The lamb slicer is equipped with an automatic lubrication system, which greatly extends the service life of the machine and reduces the failure rate caused by improper maintenance of the machine.

The unique design of the mutton slicer makes the ninth generation mutton slicer with a knife height of more than 18cm. It is a straight-cut slicer in the industry that can cut beef slabs. The slicing is even, and the lamb slicer adopts a lower double-guided advancing system, which not only ensures the uniform advancement of the slicing, but also ensures the sanitation of the workbench. Without the knife, the 9th generation meat slicer has also made great improvements in cutting, which fundamentally avoids the phenomenon of continuous knives. Use conveyor belt device. The lamb slicing machine adopts a special conveyor belt for food to transport the cut meat rolls neatly, so that workers can pack conveniently and operate more safely without leaving any meat. Difficult meat end processing has always been a shortcoming of the mutton slicer. The patented product TZ-A meat end processor has completely solved this problem. This is a historical breakthrough in the straight-cut slicer industry.

frozen meat slicer uses imported blades and belts, with automatic lubrication device, powerful power. It is an indispensable meat processing for hotels, restaurants, canteens, meat processing plants and other units. The mutton roll slicing machine is cheap and the thickness of the cut slices is automatically adjustable, and it is ingeniously matched with the feeding mechanism of the mutton slicer to automatically control the advance speed according to the thickness of the required slices; the working platform of the mutton roll slicer It is completely made of stainless steel plate, which guarantees hygiene requirements.

The frozen meat slicer is constructed of stainless steel and cast aluminum alloy. The whole design of the lamb slicer is very delicate and the surface is non-toxic and oxygen-free. Chemical treatment, in line with food safety and sanitation requirements, refined knife guards, knife guards, design, household frozen meat slicers are reliable, knife plates are easy to disassemble, easy to clean, no ejector design, simple shape and thicker meat stoppers, Strong bearing capacity, beautiful appearance, low power consumption, easy cleaning and maintenance, and sanitation. The main characteristics of lamb slicers are as follows: the compactly designed independent control panel effectively controls all important operations. The built-in control panel and the independent control panel in the body are completely synchronized, trimming the thickness of the block, the thickness of the slice, and prompting the important operating status.

Five slicing modes: single, continuous, step, half-cut, and the slicing speed is automatically adjusted according to the thickness of the slice. In the automatic state, the parameters of the trimming block are automatically adjusted. In the manual state, the parameters of the trimming block can be programmed and determined, and the slice thickness and the trimming block thickness can be independently selected and stored.

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