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Method for reducing bearing failure of mutton slicer

Method for reducing bearing failure of mutton slicer

1. The damage of the bearing is an important part during installation. If the installation is not correct, it will directly lead to the change of the force state between the parts of the whole set of bearings. Because the bearing is not in the normal running state, there will be premature failure Failure to damage, bring unnecessary trouble.

2. Before use, do a performance test on the operation of the bearing of the equipment, and monitor and check the load, speed, working temperature, vibration, noise and lubrication conditions of the bearing in operation. If any abnormality is found during use If the situation occurs, the cause should be found immediately, and adjustments should be made to restore it to normal use.

3. Bearing maintenance, the maintenance of the machine should be maintained frequently during the use of the equipment, and the lubrication of the bearing in place is an important factor in reducing bearing failure.

Before using the mutton slicer, try running it first, carefully observe the operation, pay attention to the method during installation, and maintain the bearing more in the later period, which can reduce the probability of bearing failure and improve the slicing efficiency of the machine.

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