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Lamb slicer features

Lamb slicer features

In recent years, with the rapid development of the catering industry, the development of lamb slicing machine is relatively rapid. It is convenient for many hot pot restaurants, supermarkets, meat wholesale markets, etc. In the family, it can also be used to cut meat, so usually What are the main characteristics of the slicer used?

1. The built-in control panel and the independent control panel in the body are completely synchronized, trimming the thickness of the block, the thickness of the slice, and prompting the important operating status.

2. The independent control panel with compact design can effectively control all important operations.

3. Slicing mode of mutton slicer: single, continuous, step, half knife.

4. The slicing speed can be automatically adjusted according to the thickness of the slicing.

5. In the automatic state, the parameters of the mutton slicer trimming can be adjusted automatically, and in the manual state, the parameters of the trimming can be determined by programming.

6.The slice thickness and trimming thickness can be independently selected and stored.

Familiar with its characteristics is conducive to better use of the mutton slicer, preventing improper operation, causing harm to ourselves, and greatly reducing the service life of the machine

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